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Tips for Hiring a Gutter Contractor

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Gutter Contractor

When evaluating a cost estimate from a gutter installation contractor, these are a few of the important questions that you should ask yourself. If you're ready to get started on your project now, ProMatcher can help you get free, no-obligation cost estimates from gutter contractors in your local area.

1. Has the contractor provided proof of insurance?

2. What size gutters are being installed? 4 inches? 5 inches? 6, 7, or 8 inches? How does this compare to the size of the current gutters?

3. If the quote is flat fee based on an estimate in linear feet, is the cost subject to change if the actual guttering measures more or less?

4. What type of gutters are being installed? Is the correct material represented in the quote?

5. What style gutter is being installed? (half-round, K-style, etc.)

6. What color are the gutters? Will they match the siding on the house?

7. Does the quote represent the correct gutter material (vinyl, galvanized, aluminum, wood, copper)?

8. If the gutters are being replaced because of storm damage, does the quote include repairs to the house or siding?

9. Are the gutters seamless or sectional? How many connectors/joints will be used?

10. Are all of the necessary materials included in the cost estimate? This may include hangers, nails, end caps, leader heads, and other joints.

11. Will gutter guards or covers be installed? How much will this add to the cost of installation? Will the covers make the gutters more difficult to clean in the future?

12. Is there an additional charge for installing gutters on the second (or third) story?

13. Are downspouts included in the quote? How many are need? Where will they be located?

14. Do you need extensions or underground lines for drainage? Where will they be located? Is this work included in the cost estimate?

15. If installing copper gutters or wooden gutters, will a sealant be applied to protect the material?

16. Will the contractor remove the existing gutters and dispose of them? Is this included in the cost of installation?

17. Will you be billed for the work? Or, will you have to pay upon completion of the job? Does the contractor accept credit card payments?

18. Does the contractor have any references that you could contact?

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