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Six inch gutters are more expensive to clean than four inch gutters.

Not sure
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Question: Six inch gutters are more expensive to clean than four inch gutters.
Top Answer (67% of 68 votes): False.

Answer: True
Explanation: It can be true, depending on how full they are. Some companies clean by the foot, and some charge more for 6" gutters than 4" gutters.
Shasta Gutter Cleaning and Guards
Answer: False
Explanation: We charge by the linear foot: not by the square feet of gutter.
Amazing 20/20 Services
Answer: False
Explanation: We charge by linear foot of the cutter not by how wide the gutters are.
Inviso Services
Answer: False
Explanation: Our pricing is based on linear foot, not square foot. The only thing impacting your price is the length of the gutter and the height of the building.
Odd Jobs
Answer: False
Explanation: There is generally no difference in pricing
Pristine Residential Services
Answer: False
Explanation: It doesn't matter what size the gutters are. Cleaning is still cleaning
R&B Dripless Gutters
Answer: False
Explanation: width of gutters does not change the price for us
Answer: False
Explanation: I typically don't charge more for a 6 inch gutter in my opinion it's a little more easier to clean cuz you get your hand is there a lot easier unless they have been severely neglected it's nearly the same price
Cincy Sealcoating Plus
Answer: True
Explanation: Six Inch HOld More Debris
Castillo Seamless Gutters
Answer: False
Explanation: I have never heard of 4 inch gutters. The smallest are 5 inch, and not too common in Florida. No extra charge.
Lechler Gutters
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: Same for us
Mallett Pro Wash
Answer: False
Explanation: six inch gutters may have more debris in it than a four inch gutter but its a lot easier to get your hand into it to pull the debris out so we usually charge the same price. (very seldom run into four inch gutter anymore)
Scott's Seamless Gutters
Answer: True
Explanation: Just depends on the situation with the gutters location and past maintenance care.
Metroplex Gutter Cleaning
Answer: False
Explanation: We do not charge extra if you have larger gutters.
Affordable Gutter Cleaning Service
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: Just depends how full gutters are and how hard to clean out. Size of gutter does'nt really matter.
Roofing By McCallister
Answer: False
Explanation: The mnumber of gutters does not matter it is more a question of how big the house is combined with the style of house are all factors that work into how much has to be done.
Answer: True
Explanation: There is more area to clean which means more labor cost.
Gibson Gutters Inc
Answer: False
Explanation: The size of the gutters doesn't matter about the prise
Lang Gutters & Covers LLC
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