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Gutters installed with gutter guards or screens will need to be cleaned less frequently.

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Question: Gutters installed with gutter guards or screens will need to be cleaned less frequently.
Top Answer (86% of 94 votes): True.

Answer: True
Explanation: We offer 2 products - a 10 year no-clog (never clean those gutters) and a transferable lifetime warranty product that guarantees it for life and if you sell your home, the new homeowner gets that same warranty
Allstate Seamless Gutter, LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: True.... if you have a good brand of gutter guard that works as promised. Some gutter screens do not actually decrease cleaning frequency, because leaves become stuck in the mesh or in the holes where the water runs through. In addition, even the best gutter guards rarely prevent very fine debris from slipping through, and that dirt still creates blockages that need to be addressed.
Odd Jobs
Answer: True
Explanation: This is entirely dependent on the area you live in and the type of guard or screen you choose to be installed and the manner in which they are installed. Example: if you choose a simple mesh screen installed flat on the gutter and you live in the middle of a wooded area you will spend as much time cleaning the screens as you would the gutter. An experienced and professional installer can lead you in the right direction with this choice. Installed correctly with the appropriate guard for the area= yes.
Old Mountain Home Solutions llc
Answer: True
Explanation: Although not all gutter guards types are effective in the long run. Premium gutter guards require little and in many cases no maintenance
Pristine Residential Services
Answer: True
Explanation: You may not need them cleaned in the spring, but i suggest you at least have your gutters inspected for any damage from previous winter, this service is less expensive and can save you money in the long run, with new gutter being so expensive
Go With The Flow
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: The right gutter screen makes a HUGE difference. A screen vs a flat panel vs a round panel each perform differently depending on how much foilage and the pitch/size of your roof
Willison Seamless Gutters LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: Properly installed gutter covering should prevent debris from entering your gutters.
Magnum gutters
Answer: True
Explanation: A good no clog screen will keep leaves, shingle sand, pine needles, bee's etc.. out of your gutters and downspouts. Avoid any kind of helmet or screens with too large perforations, as these will still let most debris into the gutters.
R&B Dripless Gutters
Answer: True
Explanation: This is generally the case, and of course is the whole purpose for gutter guards. However, be aware that they will still need to be cleaned at some point, and I have found that in particular screens make the whole job much more difficult. For this reason I do not normally recommend screens as a gutter guard (there are better options).
Shasta Gutter Cleaning
Answer: True
Explanation: Guards or screens are an excellent way to keep debris from entering and preventing flow in your gutter system.
Full Throttle Pressure Washing
Answer: True
Explanation: With the gutter guards i use, you will never have to clean gutters again.
Performance Solar Cleaning
Answer: True
Explanation: Yes, but still require maintenance.
Henningsen Property Maintenance LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: Gutter guards and screens are meant to keep leaves and some debris out of your gutters. Even though you may have gutter guards or screens, it may be necessary to clean them out every now and again to get out the mud and roof grit that may have got in your gutter system.
Ace Seamless Rain Gutters
Answer: True
Explanation: While it will cut down on your need to clean gutters out and prevent blockages. Gutters should be inspected to make sure they are working properly.
Answer: True
Explanation: Normally gutter guards keep most everything out except for single Grit
Cincy Sealcoating Plus
Answer: True
Explanation: The product we recommend and used most often for gutter guards prevents gutters from having to be cleaned for typically 2-3 years.
Clearly Better Properties
Answer: True
Explanation: Without gutter guards, it's not unusual to need to clean out your gutters two or three times a year, depending on where you live. With gutter guards, you'll cut that down to once every couple of years. It can also prevent downspout clogs and overflows, which can cause all sorts of damage.
Campbell Roofing, Inc.
Answer: True
Explanation: If Gutter Guards Are Installed There Is No Cleaning Necessary All Debris Will Stay Away From Going Inside Gutter
Castillo Seamless Gutters
Answer: True
Explanation: helps keeps leafs broking tree branches and keep the kids toys out of gutter
Answer: True
Explanation: Gutter screens, properly installed will prevent the leaves from entering the down spout. Generally the wind will blow most of the leaves off the gutter screen. Low quality gutter screen equals low quality performance. I ONLY use SHUR Flo . I have seen hundreds of gimmick gutter screens. None of the work as well as Shur Flo gutter screen.
Lechler Gutters
Answer: True
Explanation: Evergreen needles and small debris may get through gutter screens. But, in general, screened gutters do require less cleaning than unscreened.
Answer: True
Explanation: usually you would just have to hose the roof granules out of the gutters every year or two depending how much granules your shingles shed.
Scott's Seamless Gutters
Answer: True
Explanation: While this is a true statement in many cases but not all . Screens and covers will themselves get covered with leaves and other materials from the roof wash off. These will still need to be cleaned.
Daytona Window Washing
Answer: False
Explanation: I recommend a regular maintenance to give the system a tune up.
Michael Schlichting Jr
Answer: False
Explanation: Gutter guards can trap debris that prevents the flow of water.
Arizona Window Washers
Answer: True
Explanation: Keeps debree out.
Affordable Gutter Cleaning Service
Answer: True
Explanation: Depend on the trees and what type of guards you have.
Just How It Seams
Answer: True
Explanation: The larger debris will not get in the gutters, but silt and granules will.
Team Texas Construction, LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: As a rule of thumb. If you don't have the correct Gutter Guard to keep the prevalent debris type out of your gutters, then they can be more problematic than help, simply because you have to remove them to clean your gutters.
Alaska Premier Gutters
Answer: True
Explanation: Gutter guard eliminates the need to clean gutters, although in some areas they may need to be cleaned off once a year.
AAA Seamless Gutters LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: Depends on the type of gutter guards used obviously if u buy the cheapest guards you will be spending more money in the long run you are better off buying the good ones the first time around to avoid any build ups of debris or blow offs .
Gibson Gutters Inc
Answer: True
Explanation: Gutters installed with gutter guards or gutter screens do not need cleaned as frequently.
Lang Gutters & Covers LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: The bigger leaves should not get into the gutters, but dirt and smaller debris can get through the screens.
That Errand Service
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